B2B buyers prefer in-person support to make their purchase decisions

The Indispensable Role of Sales Rep for B2B Focused Companies

In today’s digital age, everything, from products and services to the information we seek, is easily available online. Unlike decades ago, when you needed a person, known as a sales representative, to explain the specifications of your potential purchase, you can now read these insights online without involving another person. But, when it comes to B2B market, the role of sales representative still matters. A survey conducted by McKinsey revealed that despite having a large pool of information at their fingertips, 96% of B2B buyers prefer in-person support to make their purchase decisions. “Personal attention and interaction” A recent report […]

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Four Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Marketing

If you’re reviewing how to approach your business’s marketing activities in 2019, you may be considering outsourcing the marketing function. Outsourcing can be a great alternative to hiring a full time Marketing Manager, and here’s why! 1. Offers a Fresh Perspective & a New Way of Doing Things Have you ever felt like your marketing efforts are repetitive year on year? Well, to quote Henry Ford’s adage “If you always do, what you’ve always done – you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten”. If your internal marketing hasn’t paid off in 2018, it might pay to consider an outsourced […]

Realising the Power of Research

As business owners, we know our business inside out and back to front. But sometimes we forget that we’re not the customer. Hours spent behind the desk, though we would never admit it, it can mean we’re out of touch with the customer – what they want, and how we can help them. That’s why research is so important. It provides a line of intel from the customer to the business. Research can provide powerful insights, which can lead to new lines of messaging, product development, changes to distribution and ultimately better results for the business. Don’t be afraid to […]

#Hashtags aren’t the answer to increasing your Instagram engagement

Recent investigation by media monitoring company, Mention, has discovered that the act of hashtagging Instagram posts, does not actually increase engagement. But don’t freak out on us yet, because the same researched revealed that tagging other users in your posts will get those likes and comment numbers up! In Mention’s recently released report, ‘Instagram Report 2018’, they found no correlation between the use of hashtags and increased engagement. In the report, which analysed 115million Instagram posts, Mention debunked the common assumption that using hashtags, which make posts more discoverable, increases the number of engagements. Mention found that the posts with […]