Instagram Shopping is Here

Instagram Shopping is Here

Calling all retailers, B2C and shopaholics – Instagram just got a whole lot better!

One year ago, Instagram Shopping was rolled out in the US. And all good things come to those who wait, this feature has (finally) been rolled out here in Australia!

Instagram built this feature with the intent of providing a ‘more immersive’ and ‘less transactional’ shopping experience. Staying true to the ethos of the platform, they weren’t content with ‘just adding a buy button’.

Brands can now tag products within their organic posts and advertisements. When customers tap on a tagged product, information such as name and price pop up, and this links through to the brand’s website, so the customer can complete the transaction.

This new feature means that it has never been easier to discover and buy products through the Instagram app. No longer does a brand need to cram all details in the caption with a ‘link in bio’, they can simply just tag a product, which is as easy as tagging a person in a post.

So how successful is this feature, you may ask? VERY! Lulus, a US fashion retailer reports that as a result of this feature, they’ve has more than 1,200 orders and 100,000 online sessions.  And the marketing manager of international beauty brand TYME, attributes a 44% increase in Instagram traffic since the implementation of Instagram Shopping.

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