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The Marketing Room was born out of two very much aligned reasons.

Firstly, I am passionate about Marketing! It gets me excited, motivates and inspires me. What it can do for a business is incredible. Unfortunately, not every business needs or is able to afford the cost of employing experienced professionals on a fulltime basis.

Secondly, I can talk firsthand at the number of talented and experienced marketing professionals that are lost to business when they decide to take a break and have children.

In a nutshell the concept was a hit and we quickly grew to become Australia’s largest dedicated marketing consultancy.

Since then, we have expanded our offering to include three different resource options for businesses and flexible, part time employment opportunities for talented marketing professionals. Our original Marketing Manager option is as popular as ever, we offer the always in high demand Social Media Managers and now highly experienced Marketing Consultants to help internal teams with sidelined and sophisticated marketing projects.

Regardless of which option is best suited for your business, I can ensure you that you will have a passionate, dedicated and experienced marketing professional helping your business achieve its objectives. Plus you’ll have the full support of our entire national team and network.

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Although all of our people bring their own personality and experience to your business, the one thing we all share is the belief and commitment to our values. They are simple but powerful.

A no-nonsense guide to the people we want to work with us and the kind of people you can expect to be working with you.

We find a way. Nothing worth achieving is easy. We get thinking, we get creative, we get it done.

Good marketing or business doesn’t happen by going through the motions. We bring passion and excitement to every business, every project, every time.

It’s the foundation of the relationship with our clients. They have to open up and share their business with us. We treasure this trust.

What we offer our clients is unique. We don’t need to create work for a team of graphic designers, web developers or content creators. We don’t work on commission or a sales incentive. We exist to help our clients grow their business through a planned marketing approach, that’s it.

Understanding your business, its purpose, its mission, its vision and everything in between and beyond means that we will spend time working inside your operation. We will get to know your customers, employees, your challenges, opportunities and the unique DNA that makes your business tick. And ultimately this makes us more efficient because we achieve more in less time by being situated on the inside and not behind a laptop and out of touch. It is crucial we develop a real relationship with you and your key staff to ensure Marketing is integrated and implemented effectively throughout your business.

Your Marketing Specialist will ensure your marketing plan and activities are directly aligned with your sales and new business strategies. They will work with you to identify new markets and then develop and implement techniques to make them happen. Working closely with the people responsible for sales, they will monitor and optimise campaigns to ensure your new business development methods are firing. They have experience accessing the most suitable technology to harness the lead nurturing through every aspect of the sales funnel. Your Marketing Manager will always be focused on achieving tangible and measurable results for your business.

Marketing is an investment in your business that needs to deliver a strong return. So making the most of a Marketing Specialist with 10 years plus experience is vital to ensure you are making the most of your budget. They know the tactics, strategies and channels that will work best for your business. They will ensure any campaign or program is implemented comprehensively and professionally. And their experience ensures larger projects such as a rebrand, website design/build or product assembly are completed on time and on budget. Your Marketing Manager has access to a vast and diverse network of suppliers. From printers, to web developers, video production, SEO and graphic design. They will recommend the right supplier for the right project and then manage the delivery.

While you will have your own Marketing Specialist dedicated to your business’ success, you will always have the backing of the entire The Marketing Room team. They are never far away and always completely committed and passionate about your business achieving the success it deserves. The Marketing Room understands marketing and communications are always evolving so we maintain a commitment to the continual education and training of our Marketing Specialist. In addition, all Marketing Specialist meet as a collective on a regular basis to confidentially discuss any issues facing clients. This provides a rare but powerful opportunity for Australia’s smartest marketing brains to work on some of your biggest and most difficult challenges.

Marketing is the engine that powers a business and has the capacity to build real fiscal value into your operation. It drives sales, new markets and new opportunities. In addition, marketing shortens your sales cycle, and enables you to charge and sustain a price premium. It empowers you to build trust with stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, distributors, suppliers and partners. A consistent marketing approach will also decrease your cost per new business acquisition.



Marketing is the engine that powers a business and has the capacity to build real fiscal value into your operation. It drives sales, new markets and new opportunities. In addition, marketing shortens your sales cycle, and enables you to charge and sustain a price premium. It empowers you to build trust with stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, distributors, suppliers and partners. A consistent marketing approach will also decrease your cost per new business acquisition.

Previously branding and marketing were considered extremely important for B2C businesses, but largely irrelevant for B2B businesses. However, those views have changed, and most people now understand that branding and marketing are every bit as important for B2B businesses. B2B buyers are people, and people are emotional. People largely make decisions relying on their first impressions of stored memories, images and feelings. These emotions impact economic decision making.

Marketing gives your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. It creates a predisposition towards your brand and company, hence creating increased willingness to make contact. Marketing allows you to stand out, be different, be seen and be heard. It allows you to control the narrative and drive the conversation.

Awareness is crucial to have the opportunity to quote, to tender, attract new business enquiries or to be approached for partnership opportunities. For any of this to happen people in business need to know who you are. Marketing also plays a significant role in attracting the best employee talent. The most talented people want to work for the organisations perceived to be a leaders in their field.

We are proudly Australia’s largest, dedicated, independent marketing consultancy specialising in the development and implementation of strategic marketing plans. No designers, writers, web developers, videographers, media planners or buyers – just highly experienced marketing professionals working as the in-house outsourced marketing resource for a diverse range of clients across the country.

  • National presence
  • Access to our entire team
  • Dedicated Pod Leader
  • Unrivalled network of suppliers and partners

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Geoff has quickly become a trusted advisor to our Executive Team, and his strategic brand advice has enabled us to transform our organisation for the future.
Partnering with The Marketing Room has been a catalyst to put in place a brand strategy that has reshaped our brand architecture, product suite, team culture and customer experience.
In only a few months we’ve seen noticeable results and we’re looking forward to growing the File Republic brand in new international markets.
It’s astounding how Geoff was able to grasp the complexities of our market, our organisation, and our product, and translate that into a strategy that ignited such passion in our team from top to bottom.
It’s been a great experience and a partnership that we’re looking forward to continuing.

The Marketing Room team – specifically Jon and Kelly- Anne – were outstanding in their work with us to rebrand and develop a marketing strategy going forward. Their professionalism and practicality was outstanding, offering expert advice and strategic insights. Kelly-Anne’s work with us to plan and implement our rebrand was highly valuable, as will be the marketing strategy she developed
with us to guide our marketing activities going forward.
Highly recommend The Marketing Room.

Like most businesses we were facing resource challenges within our marketing team. We needed senior, experienced marketing support that could hit the ground running to ensure we didn’t miss the deadline for a new campaign launch.

I’m thrilled to say The Marketing Room were able to provide this support. Their consultant worked inside our business and emersed themselves in our team, brand systems, and processes. It was just what we needed at a crucial stage of an important project for the business.

I can’t praise them highly enough and will consider them again for any additional short-term support we need.

Even though we were a longstanding successful business we knew marketing was the missing link to helping to secure our future success. With more competitors in market, an ageing client base along a changing attitude to customer experience we knew we needed a marketing professional to help guide us forward. And she’s done more than that! Our Marketing Manager knows our business, key suppliers, our people and our customers. She knows what we need to do and is passionate about our the success of our business. We are thrilled with our Marketing Manager so couldn’t recommend The Marketing Room any more highly!

We’ve been working with The Marketing Room for almost 2 years and couldn’t be happier. The model is the perfect balance of a contractor but having someone fully immersed as a member of our team. Our Marketing Manager deals with a lot of suppliers and companies on our behalf who would assume she is a part of the IPG team. I work at a fast pace so need someone who can keep up and basically ‘get things done’, which our MM does! We have a lot going on across the three brands including SEO, radio, EDMs, social media, events, partnerships and our MM handles it all!
Very happy!

We are over the moon with Isabel.

She is an amazing Social Media Manager, and everyone loves her in the office. I am glad she can adapt to the nature of our business and fully understood the message we would like to convey to our pages. Isabel’s content is very meaningful and knows exactly what is relevant to post in our industry. Gautam and I are very glad as well that Isabel is friendly to the team members in the office with their loudness.

I noticed she does take feedbacks seriously and used it to improve or amend any changes required. 10/10

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