Due to strong demand we are always looking for passionate Marketers, with senior experience seeking a part-time role that fits in with their lifestyle.

As the client’s in-house Marketing Manager, your primary role will be developing a strategic, yet pragmatic marketing plan aligned to their business goals. You’ll then coordinate the implementation of the plan by using your own and TMR’s diverse group of suppliers. The ability to also deliver basic marketing functions such as content writing, creation of EDMs and content are advantageous but not essential.

As you will be working inside the client’s business one day a week, you’ll need to be a self-starter who can work autonomously. In most cases your clients won’t have a high level of marketing knowledge/experience so will be looking to you for leadership and guidance. You’ll have excellent communication skills being able to explain and demonstrate how marketing can deliver wins for their business. You’ll be able to draw on your 8 plus years of marketing experience to develop strategies that will work for them. After that it will be heads down to coordinate, implement and be accountable for the plan each month.

Are a very diverse group. Predominantly B2B, they are all established, medium sized business looking to grow. This is quite often their first appointment of someone to a dedicated marketing role, hence are excited and supportive of having a TMR Marketing Manager join their team. We ensure the Marketing Manager’s personality, experience and skill set are a great fit for the client. We want your time working with our clients to be rewarding and enjoyable.

Our Marketing Managers love that they can still stay active in the industry they love but for the hours that fit their lifestyle. Each client requires essentially a day a week of your time, so you can choose to work with 1 to 5 clients, depending on how many days you want to work. You’ll always have the support of our leadership team plus we meet as a group on at least a monthly basis for education and inspo sessions. We are also happy to invest in additional professional development opportunities. Like you, our clients are engaged on 6 or 12 month contracts, however bespoke arrangements can be made if agreed on by all parties.

If this feels like a fit for you or you know a Marketing Mum or Dad looking for part time role, then please get in touch with Tahnee Sharp with an outline of your experience and number of days/hours you’d like to work at tahnee@themarketingroom.com.au

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An important role of our Marketing Managers is identifying then coordinating the delivery of services to our clients by suppliers. This can include printing, signage, creative services, website design and build, media campaigns, merchandise, SEO & SEM services, marketing/communication based technology platforms, talent arrangements, video production, anything!

Although each of our Marketing Managers has the discretion to recommend their preferred suppliers we do maintain and regularly review a preferred suppliers registry for use by all Marketing Managers. At the end of the day we are focused on ensuring we select the most appropriate supplier for each client/project.

We don’t accept commissions, rebates or referral fees. Your terms of business and payment will be between you and our client, not The Marketing Room.

If you’d like to work with our talented Marketing Managers and incredible clients please send details of your business and services provided to jon@themarketingroom.com.au. Jon will then be in contact to further understand your business so we can recommend you when appropriate.

We love collaborating and partnering with organisations and individuals who share our values. We are open minded and always willing to discuss opportunities and ideas that ultimately benefit our clients. We regularly speak at events, we have a lot of friends across a number of industries and are big believers in giving back. So, if you have an idea, we’re all ears, email jon@themarketingroom.com.au

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