Each of our Marketing Managers are experienced and qualified marketing professionals. However, they each also have their own specialised skill sets developed over the course of their professional careers. With this in mind, we take into consideration our client’s industry and objectives then take a ‘best fit’ approach when selecting the most suitable Marketing Manager.

We have also developed two different options for you to choose from. This ensures you have the right person devoting the correct amount of time at a budget that works for your business.  As always, we are more than happy to discuss custom solutions for your business.


This is our most popular option. You’ll have an experienced Marketing professional working inside your business making sure things get done and your business grows.

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  • Tertiary Qualified
  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in mid-level and senior marketing positions


  • Work inside your business (not compulsory but encouraged)
  • Initial 6-month term then proceed to 12 months
  • 25 hours per month
  • $3,500 plus GST per month


Highly experienced and capable Marketing professional suited to large and complex marketing projects. Often engaged to work with and provide guidance to internal marketing teams, your Marketing Consultant will bring a high-level strategic marketing outlook to your company.

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  • Tertiary Qualified
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in senior marketing roles with large sophisticated companies


  • Work inside your business (not compulsory but encouraged)
  • Bespoke terms
  • Work within your frameworks and structures
  • Fixed fee


Although you will have a highly experienced and capable professional as your dedicated Marketing Manager, the support you receive from The Marketing Room goes a lot deeper. Once a month your Pod Leader will meet with your Marketing Manager onsite to discuss and assist with the progression and performance of your marketing.

As members of our leadership team, the Pod Leaders are there to support and provide continual assistance to our Marketing Managers and their clients. As an invaluable resource they will be involved in all strategic marketing discussions and also be able to leverage The Marketing Room’s broader experience, network, and resources as and when required.


The principles of marketing apply to every business and organisation. However, we understand that every business and industry have its own set of nuances and unique circumstances. That’s why we offer, to all our clients, the extensive experience and knowledge of our entire team. With over 200 years of collective experience there’s unlikely to be an industry or situation our people haven’t previously encountered.

The Marketing Room is also heavily involved with several business and leadership networks in addition to our strong relationship with the media and broader communications industry. This underpins our unique ability to provide access to a broad range of organisations, resources, and individuals to our clients.

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