So, you’ve done all the hard working developing an awesome ecommerce business, built the site, loaded the product (yeah we know there’s a lot more to it than that!) and things are going ok. However, you know they could definitely be better but have reached the limit of your knowledge, don’t have time to watch endless tutorials and professionals who actually know what they are doing (without charging a fortune) are too hard to find.

Do we have the person for you!

Our E-Commerce Consultant has been there and is still killing it! After starting her business from scratch in 2013, she has grown the business while working school hours around her young family. During this time, she has developed detailed knowledge of the multi-faceted approach required to run a highly successful ecommerce business that now challenges The Iconic, Target and Myer – not bad hey!

She has as the unique understanding of both the visual and technical aspects required for the optimisation of ecommerce websites. Plus, with her strong scientific background and passion for problem solving, Chelsea loves implementing ecommerce strategies that help clients optimise their online success.

5 Week Turnaround Package – $4,000 plus GST

Over a 5 week period, Chelsea will conduct a thorough and detailed audit of your online store. She will then provide you with a detailed report and action list. Next she’ll implement these changes to get your online store firing!


1. Ideal Customer

  • Is the Ideal Customer clearly defined in a document? – Age/sex/marital status down to the detail of their education/employment/hobbies/reading/shopping/online presence
  • Are their pain points clearly defined?

2. Branding

  • Are the Brand Statements and Brand Words used on the website?
  • Is there a strong sense of the Brand Voice and a cohesive approach with socials and digital marketing in general? Is there consistency in the message?

3. Website Visual & General Structural Elements

  • Home page review – what is visible above the fold?
  • Policy pages
  • My Account
  • Size Guide [if applicable]
  • VIP/Rewards Program [if applicable]

4. Trust Symbols

  • About Us page – is it about you or about your customer?
  • Social media links [but not galleries – keep them on your website!]
  • Quality of imagery
  • Menu structure/ease of use on desktop and mobile
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Website speed – mobile and desktop
  • Rewards program
  • Internal linking to main categories from home page
  • Is there a Blog?


Now that we know what the issues are it’s time to fix them.

  • Website edits undertaken by Chelsea [where possible] OR a summary of changes required will be provided for you to implement/outsource
  • This process may take anywhere from 5-10 hours depending on how much Chelsea is able to do vs what changes are recommended to be implemented by external source [highly technical ones may be outside her area of expertise!

Implementation reporting summarizing the implementation process

  • Deliverable: Implementation Report summarizing changes made
  • Internal: Set up customized Monitoring spreadsheet for tracking client data

If you love what Chelsea has done for your online store (and we’re sure you will) she is available to provide continued support and advice. Ongoing monthly maintenance packages are available from just $1,000 plus GST per month.  However, let’s talk about this once you’ve  completed the Optimise My Online Store.

Chelsea’s skill set and experience are very unique, hence she’s proving to be extremely popular with Perth’s E-Commerce Business Community. If you would like to benefit from Chelsea’s success, please complete the below to book an initial consultation.

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